Colleen Madden

I am the proud mum of two boys, Rory and Sean. Rory has Down Syndrome and is the driving force and inspiration for CoMotion Fitness.

I am passionate about fitness, especially when it is accessible to people of all abilities. Whether working one-on-one or training small groups -having fun, getting fit, and achieving goals is what it’s all about.

I have seen a huge improvement in Rory’s fitness, but just as important, he has gained confidence, and has much higher energy levels.

Motivation, encouragement, and a can-do attitude has been the keys to his success. I look forward to helping others achieve the same benefits.

I am a board member and volunteer for e.motion21 and actively involved with Special Olympic Athletics.

Sandi Monaghan

I started CoMotion Fitness in 2010. In the beginning years I specialised in one-on-one and small group training, distance coaching, and program writing.

Colleen and Rory's fitness journey is truly inspiring. It is plain to see how much Rory's fitness has made a difference to his total health and wellbeing, and how much Colleen enjoys helping him achieve his goals.

I am very excited to partner with Colleen to take CoMotion Fitness in a new direction. We will help our clients get the most out of their time and exercise program with personalised programs and offering support even post-session.

I am passionate about health and fitness. I strive to continuously build on my health and fitness knowledge and hold Certificates in Nutrition and Motivational Techniques.

Rory Madden

Rory is 19. He loves dancing and attends e.motion21 twice a week. He also participates in Special Olympics Athletics and competes in their Regional and State games.

He attends a Post School Options work program during the week and will continue to do his Certificate in Hospitality, as well as a Certificate in Customer Service. Rory also loves cars and helps out at Sandown Racetrack washing the V8 cars. Rory will be volunteering at Kids Under Kanvas next term.

Just for something different he smashes it out twice a week at the Fighters Factory, in Blackburn, doing a boxing circuit which he really enjoys. Rory loves keeping fit and is excited to be involved with CoMotion Fitness and encourages everyone to join in the fun and get training!