Emily, age 14 - Netball player
Since I started with Sandi, my fitness level has improved. Training with Sandi is fun and I have noticed that I have dropped two dress sizes. I have become faster and I am able to run longer without getting tired and having to stop. Sharryn- (Emily's mum) I would not hesitate to recommend Sandi to train a teenager. Her outstanding ethics and professionalism is refreshing and my daughters confidence has improved dramatically.
Netball player
Lisa, Distance Client
I first heard about Sandi through a fitness website. I was plodding around the block a couple of times a week and had recently completed my first half marathon. At the time I thought myself relatively fit but was not making any progress in my weight loss goal and was continually having setbacks by putting my back out. I am a busy mum who runs a business from home so classes and appointments don't work for me. Training online with Sandi has been an ideal solution. Sandi's approach is a very holistic one and she took my focus away from purely weight loss. Prior to my first program Sandi completed a thorough assessment with me to work out what my goals were and what I could realistically commit to each week. She also considered my family situation, my back injury and what facilities I had available to me at home. My programs can all be done at home with little or no equipment therefore not requiring me to have an expensive gym membership. I log my workouts with Sandi and rest assured I will get a wee friendly reminder if I start to slack off! On a regular basis I check in with my weight and measurements and receive a new program designed to help me achieve my goals. Since working with Sandi my goals have changed considerably. I have lost weight but not as much as I had hoped. I am however, smaller than I had ever hoped for and I have dropped almost two dress sizes. My arms have great shape, my muffin top has almost gone, my legs are firm, I have far more energy and with my new core strength my back is feeling stronger than it has for years.
Distance Client
David, age 41 - Eltham
I had always kept pretty fit over the years, but Sandi motivated me to find a new level of fitness. I became faster and stronger, just through learning new and varied techniques and – with Sandi’s encouragement – striving to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I surprised myself with some of the results I achieved and this inspired me to work even harder.
One-on-one client
Kirsten, Distance Client
CoMotion Fitness Personal Training is responsible for writing me a wonderfully challenging and ridiculously effective resistance training program take a peek if you have health or fitness goals and Sandi will be sure to help you achieve them 🙂
Distance/inet client